Purpose and Rules

The purpose of this blog is to discuss anything titanium, to let anyone knowledgeable contribute, and to help seekers find their way. I also am happy to entertain Niobium and tantalum talk.

  • If it is made of titanium, let’s talk about it.
  • If you work with titanium, tell your stories.
  • If you need to find sources that aren’t already listed on my Suppliers page, let me know.
  • Interesting tidbits about what it is and where it comes from, tell me.
  • Good titanium-related sites to see? Tell me.

What won’t stay:

  • Abusive language and egregious profanity. I’m likely to allow “wtf?” in a proper context, but not spelled out.
  • Blog-spam and links to unrelated sites. A site won’t qualify just because it has the word “Titanium” in it. Nor will sales sites that only have a few common production items made of titanium. I want people to know that I won’t send them someplace improper, and that any link will likely be of interest and on topic.
  • Comments with advice that is patently false or dangerous.
    If someone posts a comment that is merely wrong, I may insert an editorial comment in the comment, and let it stay. But I want to keep anyone from getting hurt.
    If I am wrong, show me.

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