Beginning to Blog

MrTitanium started working with titanium in 1981, joined the web in the late 1990’s, created a name for himself (URL) in 2002. Finally in 2008 he has decided to conquer the blog fear and join the blogosphere.

The purpose of this blog is to discuss anything titanium, to let anyone knowledgeable contribute, and to let seekers find their way. I also am happy to entertain Niobium and tantalum talk.

For detailed rules, visit the Purpose and Rules page.

If you’d like to contribute, just post a response or two in appropriate places. If I like what you write, I may invite you to join as a contributor and let you create posts. If you find no appropriate post to addend, then send me an email and we’ll work something out.


One Response to Beginning to Blog

  1. Maggie says:

    I just love the Non-Allergenic properties of Niobium and Titanium. They are as comfortable against my skin as water and air.

    It is the properties of these amazing metallic elements that fascinates me. The surgical implant, and body piercing industries are now using these elements in their fields of expertise, because of their bio-compatible nature.

    Yet, there are still many who hold tight to their erroneous old fashioned ideas. I was once told it is impossible to be allergic to surgical steel because it is “surgical”! However, surgical steel was developed for surgical instruments, not implants or piercing jewelry. It is specially alloyed in order to obtain a metal that remains hard and sharp for a long period of time, perfect for scalpels and other surgical tools.

    I’ve also been told that 14k Gold, or higher karats, is Hypo-Allergenic. (Hypo-Allergenic means the material is less likely to cause an allergic reaction than other like materials). But the truth is, only those people who are susceptible to allergies are going to suffer from them in the first place. In other words, if you don’t suffer from allergic contact dermatitis, everything is Hypo-allergenic! If you do suffer from allergies, “hypo-allergenic” is not good enough.

    Allergies work differently than irritants do. An irritant is something that induces a reaction in everyone who comes into contact with it…. Such as a bee sting or poison. An allergy happens at the genetic level, requiring the body to be exposed to the allergen before a reaction can occur. This is why our responses to an allergen get worse over time. We often hear people say that they never used to have a problem wearing gold, etc. etc. This is why. The cells in our body “learn” to react adversely to an allergen.

    When I was a little girl, I contracted whooping cough. I was admitted into the hospital and was given Penicillin. It simply did not work, and my whooping cough developed into double pneumonia. Later in life, I contracted strept throat. I told the doctor that penicillin does not work for me, but he administered a dose anyway stating that penicillin was the best antibiotic to fight this particular bacteria. Within 15 minutes, I had broken out into burning itching hives all over my body. I will not allow a third trial, for fear of anaphylactic shock., as this is how allergies work.

    Niobium and Titanium are NON-Allergenic, bio-compatible elements. Of over 300 people that I have helped (including myself) to wear earrings again, only 1 did not heal their piercing with these elements in place, and that is because she was not willing to go through the healing process.

    Now, when people ask which is better of the two, I advise them to chose according to their color preference, as Niobium is a darker gray than Titanium is. But as far as Non-Allergenic properties, both are equally perfect.


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